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Ana Sofia Correia — Medical Translation Mentor

Hi there!

Welcome to the
Medical Translation Mentoring!

Are you new to translation and want to specialize in the medical and life sciences field?


Do you have a steady flow of work in other fields, but want to specialize in medical translation?


Are you working in-house and planning to become a full-time freelance medical translator but don’t know where to start?


Are you an established medical translator but feel that you need to give your business a boost?


I get you.

I have been there myself at some point throughout my career.

That's why I created the Medical Translation Mentoring!

Together, we will focus on key topics, resources, and skills that you need to become a successful medical translator.

I will not give you a secret (and non-existent) formula to instant success.

But I will work with you to help you succeed in the medical translation market.

The Medical Translation Mentoring is for you if: 


  • You are a beginner translator who needs guidance and support to get to know the life sciences translation market, find clients, and get projects assigned to you

  • You are already in the life sciences translation market, but you feel stuck and unmotivated and would like a boost in your career

  • You work in other fields but want to specialize in medical translation

  • You are planning to leave your in-house position to become a full-time freelancer specializing in life sciences


Medical Translation Mentoring - Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring

A structured group approach where each member contributes with their unique insights and experiences:

  • What your clients truly need and how you can fulfill those needs.

  • Improving your skills with Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  • Expanding your expertise through networking.

  • Optimizing your toolkit with essential resources and tools.

  • Showcase your value through a compelling online presence and effective client communication.

Ideal for those who thrive in
collaborative settings, this option offers a chance to engage with fellow professionals, establish meaningful connections, and enhance your marketing, networking, and translation skills within a supportive group environment.

Medical Translation Mentoring - Individual Mentoring - One 1:1 session
Medical Translation Mentoring - Individual  Mentoring - Three 1:1 sessions
Medical Translation Mentoring - Individual Mentoring - Five 1:1 sessions

Individual Mentoring

This one-on-one approach provides focused, personalized guidance across three crucial areas for success in medical translation:

  • Tailored recommendations on tools and resources to enhance your work, customized to your current knowledge and ambitions.

  • Advice on navigating the business aspects of medical translation, from boosting your freelance journey to fine-tuning your operations.

  • Actionable marketing strategy designed to align with your personal brand and connect with your ideal clients.

Perfect for those who value the flexibility to focus on specific areas of development and prefer a tailored mentoring experience, this option supports you whether you're just starting, looking to refine your skills, or aiming to expand your business and client base.

Whichever path you choose, the Medical Translation Mentoring is designed to help you succeed in your medical translation career by providing you with the guidance, support, and resources you need.

Invest in your future as a medical translator.

Join the Medical Translation Mentoring community!

Subscribers of the Perspectives on Medical Translation & Writing newsletter get a 20% discount when signing up for the Medical Translation Mentoring program – in group and individual settings!

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