Portuguese Medical Writer
Ana Sofia Correia - Medical Translator and Writer

You have high standards and strict deadlines. As do I.
And I will treat your text with absolute commitment to them.

I have experience translating and writing content for clinical trials, medical devices, regulatory submissions, education and marketing campaigns, and scientific publications.

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What you get when you work with me

Skilled medical translator and writer

Competence and expertise

As a skilled medical translator and writer, I offer you the expertise you need to produce texts that are technically accurate and adapted to your target audience, whether you are addressing healthcare professionals, patients, or the general population.

translating and writing complex content

In-house experience

My background as an in-house translator at the Nursing School of Coimbra and the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra gives me the knowledge to manage complex content.

Professional medical writing and translation

Reliability, Flexibility, and Responsiveness

I deliver high-quality content on time. I ensure prompt communication and ask for clarification whenever necessary to make sure that you achieve your intended outcome.

Portuguese medical translator and writer with high project management skills

Continuing Professional Development

I keep up with new therapeutic areas, concepts, and terminology by constantly improving my scientific knowledge, as well as my writing and project management skills. During my time working in-house, I benefited from privileged access to specialized resources and insight from experts. Over the years, I’ve developed my skills through hands-on experience, self-study, and training.

Think we might work well together?

As a medical translator, I:

  • Facilitate communication with Contract Research Organizations, sponsors, sites, investigators, and participants by providing specialized translations of clinical trial materials.

  • Help ensure that your device or product is used as intended by producing translations that are compliant with industry standards and regulations.

  • Support your efforts to inform Portuguese-speaking patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals by delivering texts adapted to your audience.

As a medical writer, I:

  • Enable knowledge transfer to key target audiences by generating content that engages, instructs, and presents scientific evidence in a truly informative and visually impactful way.


  • Help improve patient engagement and involvement in clinical research and healthcare decision-making by producing complex scientific and medical information in plain language.

  • Facilitate clear communication and understanding as a way to improve patients’ quality of life, increase health literacy, and fight misinformation.



APTRAD - Associação de Profissionais de Tradução e Interpretação
MET - Mediterranean Editors & Translators
IAPTI - International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
EMWA - European Medical Writers Association
TREMÉDICA - Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines
ATA - American Translators Association
ISOQOL - International Society for Quality of Life Research
DIA - Drug Information Association
EUPATI - European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation
APDI - Associação Portuguesa da Doença Inflamatória do Intestino
Associação CrohnColitePT
ISPOR - The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research